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12th Sep 2016
24th Aug 2016
31st Jul 2016
29th Jul 2016
Govt finalises draft norms for Direct Selling Industry - Times of India
28th Jun 2016
FDSA Newsletter - FICCI-KPMG Delhi Report release
18th Mar 2016
Direct Selling Industry hit by lack of regulatory system - The Hindu
20th Feb 2016
FDSA Mega Awareness Program on Direct Selling at Ahmedabad
19th Feb 2016
News Release on FDSA General Secretary
08th Dec 2015
FDSA Newsletter - DIRECT - 2015 - New Delhi
30th Oct 2015
Release of AP & TS State Reports of FICCI & KPMG on Direct Selling Industry.
27th Aug 2015
Govt. Of India Acknowledge the Direct Selling Business. Newsletter on FDSA Mega Awareness program in Kolkata.
31st July 2015
Cases of Corporate Frauds/Chit Fund Scams Involving Companies - Ministry of Corporate Affairs
29th April 2015
Newsletter on Mega Awareness Program held on 14th April 2015 in Mumbai
23rdDecember 2014
Committee to consider regulator for E-Commerce - By Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
15thDecember 2014
FDSA News Letter – Breakthrough on the Horizon
04thDecember 2014
KPMG & FICCI report on Direct Selling Industry in India - Release by Shri. Ram Vilas Paswan, Min. of Consumer Affairs.
04thDecember 2014
Inter Ministerial Committee to discuss issue of direct marketing - Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
18th October 2014
Report of Inter Ministerial Committe related to MLM Issues - Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
15th September 2014
SFIO completes investigation of 14 companies - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs
12th August 2014
Proliferation of Illegal Collective Investment Schemes - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs
12th August 2014
Unregistered Multi-Level Marketing Firms - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs
13th February 2014
FDSA submitted reply comments / suggestions on Kerala State MLM (R & C) (Draft) Bill 2013.
11th January 2014
Report of the Committee for preparation of draft bill to control the Multi-Level Marketing in the State, Constituted under G.O.(MS) No.3/2013/id dated 10.01.2013.
11th January 2014
The Kerala State Multi-Level Marketing (Control and Regulation) Bill, 2013 (Draft).
18th December 2013
FDSA Organised Awareness Program in Coimbatore - Media Clippings
17th December 2013
FDSA Organised Awareness Program in Coimbatore - News Letter
17th December 2013
Drive to Identify and Weed Out Companies Resorting to Multi-Level Marketing Schemes - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs
20th October 2013 FDSA Initiates Formal Membership Process for Indian Direct Selling Companies
31st August 2013 Fraudulent Activities by Companies - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
05th August 2013 SFIO probing 67 companies for running Ponzi, MLM schemes - PTI.
05th August 2013 Developing an Early Warning System to Identify Early Signs of Frauds - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs .
28th July 2013 Ponzi menace: Govt to sensitise police, judiciary in states - PTI.
17th July 2013 Direct selling sector welcomes Govt initiatives on model guidelines
15th July 2013 Soon, norms to segregate genuine, ponzi schemes - Business Standard.
18th June 2013 Government working on streamlining rules for multi-level marketing companies: Sachin Pilot
08th June 2013 Police to curb Ponzi schemes in 15 days - Hindustan Times.
29th May 2013 Amway arrest worries Pilot
29th May 2013 Clearer laws on tackling fraud schemes soon: Sachin Pilot on Amway issue
14th May 2013 IMG panel to discuss ways for curbing ponzy schemes - PTI.
13th May 2013 Ponzi law to get more teeth.
09th May 2013 DSDWA urges government to set up regulatory authority for sector.
09th May 2013 High-Level Inter-Ministerial Group Constituted for Regulatory Framework for MLM

- By Ministry of Finance.
08th May 2013 Assemble at Jantar Mantar - Big Success.
07th May 2013 News in Sakshi Delhi Edition – Event held on 07th May 2013 at Jantar Mantar.
30th April 2013 Penal Action Against Fraudulent Companies - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
30th April 2013 Curb on Fraudulent Mlm Companies - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
30th April 2013 Regulation of Foreign Online Companies Under Proposed Law - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
30th April 2013 Unclaimed Money Lying With Companies - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
29th April 2013 Centre may fast-track Financial code to check 'Cheat' Fund scams
25th April 2013 Special Task Force Constituted in the SFIO to Investigate the affairs of Certain Chit Fund Companies
23rd April 2013 Mr. Sachin Pilot submits list of illegal MLM schemes
22nd April 2013 State Governments Requested to issue Instructions to their Police for Vigorous Action under the

Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978
21st April 2013 Angry Tide Sweeps Cheated Bengal
21st April 2013 Boom Promises That went Bust
19th April 2013 Chits come home to roost
19th April 2013 Chits wriggle past watchdogs
19th April 2013 Article - Staff to file FIR against Saradha boss
19th April 2013 Article - Crackdown on 'cheat' schemes
04th March 2013 Action against Fraudulent Companies
19th February 2013 Multilevel marketing: Nodal officer to be appointed - Kerala CM
04th February 2013 RCM Back in Business
22nd January 2013 Reply to RTI filed with Ministry of Finance
20th December 2012 Inter-Ministerial Group on Multi Level Marketing Companies:

Shri Sachin Pilot, Minister of Corporate Affairs
10th December 2012 Investigation into the Affairs of Certain 'Multi-Level Marketing' Companies
03rd December 2012 Odhissa State proposes to impose ban on money circulation schemes
03rd December 2012 Govt asks states to ban multi-level marketing schemes
01st December 2012 87 MLM companies under government scanner, SFIO probing seven
12th October 2012 FDSA Press meet in Jaipur
11th October 2012 FDSA Delegation to Jaipur
03rd October 2012
Govt. Issued Guidelines for Direct Selling in the state of Rajasthan
29th September 2012 FDSA Workshop @ Kolkata
20th August 2012 FIPB set to review direct selling policy ahead of retail FDI rollout
13th August 2012 Frauds by Chit Funds and MLM Companies - By Min. of Corporate Affairs.
13th August 2012 Regulation of Multi-Level Marketing Companies - By Min. of Corporate Affairs.
25th July 2012 Pyramid schemes under scanner - The Telegraph.
24th July 2012 Inter Ministerial Committee to Consider the Issues Relating to Direct Selling and Multi- Level

Marketing - By Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
24th July 2012 Thanks note to Union Govt. of India - FDSA Press release.
06th July 2012 Direct selling companies welcome regulator proposed by SFIO - Business Standard.
10th May 212 MLM Companies - By Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
11th February 2012 FDSA Meets CM of Andhra Pradesh - FDSA Press Release.
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