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What is Direct Selling Distributor’s Welfare Association or DSDWA?
This is a national level representative body of the direct selling distributors working in India.
Where DSDWA is Located?
The Registered office is located at DSDWA, 541, Pocket 4, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075
Why DSDWA has been formed?
In India the Direct Selling Business is undergoing a transition phase. It took more than a decade and half, to get the definition of Direct Selling business. For this long, there was no separate legislation or regulatory body to govern the business. Therefore the business as a whole is in highly unorganized shape. Presence of DSDWA will help in organizing the industry bring discipline in it.
What are the main objectives of DSDWA?
Main objective of the association is to safeguard the rights of the Direct Selling Distributors (DSDs) and represent them in various governing agencies and government departments.
What is the functioning or administrative module of DSDWA?
The DSDWA controls are with the President of DSDWA. Each FDSA member company nominates one of their DSD as Vice President in DSDWA as a bridge between the company and DSDWA, who is responsible to report to the President – DSDWA for the respective company in all activities. The Vice President of each member company is privileged to reasonably expand the governing body by appointing executives as Regional Secretaries – DSDWA in all those places where the company has its network strength. The Vice President nominates the Regional Secretaries of their company and the President of DSDWA makes the appointment and announcement. The regional secretaries reports to the Vice President and make own plan of membership drive in respective area, either independently or with the suggestions of the Vice President.
How can one become a part of Governing Body of DSDWA?
The Regional Secretaries appointed by the Vice President should be approached by the interested persons to submit their intent to become a volunteer in DSDWA and submit their credentials for the consideration of the Vice President of DSDWA and the company. The approval is communicated to the President, DSDWA for announcement.
What is FDSA and why there is logo of FDSA on the website of DSDWA?
The Direct Selling Industry has two wings - The companies & the Distributors. Both the wings should have strong representation for a stable Direct Selling Industry in India. Federation of Direct Selling Association (FDSA) represents the Direct Selling Companies. DSDWA represents the Direct Selling Distributors fraternity of the industry. Both are supplementary to each other.
Who constitutes the Executive Body?
The executive body of DSDWA has been constituted by the DSDs of FDSA member companies. The executive body of DSDWA also has one permanent nomination from the National body of FDSA.
Why a Direct Selling Distributor (DSD) should join the Association?
This forum is an official representation of the DSDs working in FDSA member companies. As a member of DSDWA, every DSD is entitled to get protection of their professional rights, to avail various kinds of consultation and services being provided by DSDWA from time to time. Also this forum is required to show the strength of the industry to the government and other statutory authorities. Hence joining the association is in the interest of the DSDs.
How many DSDs are working in India?
So far there has been no official agency to collect this data; hence no one knows the exact number of DSD’s working in India. By way of registration through individual PAN, the DSDWA platform will serve many purposes like estimation of total number of income tax paying DSD’s, statewise break-up of DSDs strength, maintaining discipline in the industry and bringing all the DSD’s on one platform for show of strength to the government authorities & administration.
What are the requirements to become a member of DSDWA?
Any DSD of FDSA member company can become member of DSDWA by filling an online registration form available on website and by paying the stipulated membership fee.
What is the procedure to become a member of DSDWA?
The registration procedure of DSDs is by way of filling an online form and making Rs. 100/- annual membership fee through Atom gateway payment system available on home page. Alternatively, any DSD who wants to serve the industry voluntarily can be a part of the pre-paid registration system. Under recommendation of the Vice President and endorsement of the company, the DSD is required to deposit Rs. 10,000/- in DSDWA account and get authorization for registration of 100 DSDs. The membership fee paid by them will be collected and retained by the authorized DSD. THERE WILL BE NO FINANCIAL INCENTIVE OR OTHER MATERIAL GAINS FOR CONDUCTING THIS ACTIVITY.
What are the information to be submitted? Whether a DSD has to provide mobile or e mail contact?
A registering DSD will submit very limited data, viz., ONLY Name, PAN, Company, City, State and Gender for the registration process. DSDWA platform does not ask for the contact details. Any communication/ broadcast to be made by DSDWA will be passed-on to the Vice presidents. It will be the responsibility of the company/Vice President to convey to all DSDWA registered members in their company.
Is the membership transferable or refundable?
No. Once registered it cannot be cancelled or transferred.
What is the tenure of membership?
Membership tenure for one year, commencing from the day of registration.
What will happen if I do not renew my membership?
The membership ceases and the DSD will not be considered for inclusion in the list of the beneficiaries of the services or consultations being provided by DSDWA. Further, any time in future, if any welfare service for the DSD, is launched by DSDWA, the DSD will automatically get eliminated from the list.
Do I need my company’s approval to be a member of DSDWA?
No. DSDWA platform has full support of the companies. The companies are appointing the Vice President by themselves and keeping the network communication channel with them, hence there is no such requirement.
Is my information secure? Will it be shared with anyone?
Yes. The data is fully secure with DSDWA and will be given to anyone to avoid any misuse. Further, the data is stored in encrypted mode and will be unreadable. The data can be used with the consent of the companies, for show of strength only, to the Government, Industry associations like FICCI etc. or for that matter any other agency which is working for the welfare of the industry.
Is there any kind of benefit against membership fee?
No. There is no material gains to the DSDs against membership fee. However, DSDWA is committed to serve and protect the livelihood of the DSDs and their interests through a strong Direct Selling industry.
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