Dear Friends,

It is an honour to serve DSDWA - Direct Selling Distributors Welfare Association, an organisation which is at its verge of making a major national impact on the lives of millions of people of this vast country who have taken up Direct Selling as one of their key professions in life.

DSDWA is a platform, where the key requirements are Ethics, Discipline, Trustworthiness & Commitment.We are committed to serve the legal and ethical Direct Sellers and leading from the frontand mark a strong, long lasting footprint in this great industry.

Friends, the need to find enduring solutions to the perennial problems of establishing Direct Selling as a Legal & Genuine mode of Entrepreneurship will always require high quality and policy responsive research. It is true our fight for our right to survival has started late but we shall leave no stone unturned to make it happen.

The first key initiative area is Research to strengthen the community. No one knows how many are there in DSD community? Unless we accumulate real time Data, the industry strength remain unrepresented and all our efforts will go in vein. This is of utmost priority.

The second key initiative is Education. Across the world there is shortage of individuals with appropriate knowledge, skills and training in various disciplines, resulting in failure attempts to reach their goals.We need to work jointly & collectively with others to develop a clear plan for a strong future. We need to be more aggressive in implementing our plans in the right direction. We need to run a proper education system to upgrade all the Direct Selling Distributors under the banner of DSDWA.

The third key initiative area is Communication. There is a major challenge to identify the most effective and efficient ways of communication. We need to identify our strengths and weaknesses – sustain the former, and address the latter through communication. Effective communication should help us move very quick and fast to achieve our goal.

Last but not the least is the Commitment which is required to succeed in every aspects of life. This is the one of the main keys along with all others to push us forward in fulfilling our dreams as a Direct Seller.

Friends, finally the will & desire of all is the only way to forge ahead in our mission. It is you who can jointly create history for yourselves as well for the generation next. Without time bound targets, no success is achieved.

Let’s fix a small target for ourselves to Beginthe “Mission 2018” and take an oath to officially register our actual member strength by the end of 2018, if not earlier.

Friends, dedicated work of a few minutes daily, will ensure the DSDWA Flag fluttering high in our nation.

Stunning Regards.

Jai Hind.


President, DSDWA