Code of Ethics of Direct Selling Distributors Association (DSDWA) is a guideline for maintaining discipline in the Direct Selling Industry by both, the consumer and the seller, through the definitions of Direct Selling Distributor (DSD) contained in Model Direct Selling Guidelines-2016 fortified with additional responsibilities contained in the definitions and procedures for a DSD to retain membership of DSDWA. A DSD should discharge by way of taking oath to abide by the in it.

The Code of Ethics of DSDWA allows DSD of FDSA member companies. For that the aspirants to enter the Direct Selling Business can place their queries in Discussion Forum of DSDWA.

The DSDWA Code of Ethics should be honoured by all member DSD’s. Making false or tall claim about the business is strictly prohibited. No DSD shall follow any unlawful practices or statements or promises for selling the products. The Code of Ethics is more of moral binding not a law, it should be adhered to, for disciplined environment in the Industry.

DSDs should maintain discipline and do self-policing to report mal-practices being followed in the industry.

Member DSDs shall not sell the products or services to any individual on the pretext of recovering the partial or full cost involved, through push sales to other prospective consumers.

DSDs either should sign a written agreement with the company or a written statement containing the details of the relationship between DSD and their company. The DSD should be aware of their legal obligations regarding handling of any applicable licenses, registrations and taxes.

DSD should remain aware of their sales account, earnings and other details about their business to avoid any kind of disputes/indiscipline with their Direct Selling Company.

The DSD shall maintain their serving attitude. They should not exploit the lack of commercial knowledge of consumers or breach the trust or exploit age, illness and handicap or language barrier.

DSD should restrain from speaking misleading statements about own or another company. They should not take any advantage of situation which damages the reputation of the industry.

DSD should give actual information of the products, prices, free-look period and product refund policy etc. to the consumers. While presenting business plan, care should be taken to present it as routein business requiring proper hard work & attention; not as easy earning business.

DSD should maintain loyalty to their respective direct selling companies and should not do any damage to the industry by luring the DSD of other companies.

Those DSD who are advertising their business in public media should submit the matter for approval by their company. They should also report any misleading advertisement to their company and DSDWA for necessary action in the interest of industry.

If a complaint is received from a consumer or where DSDWA has reason to believe that a DSD has violated the Code of Ethics, a copy of the complaint, if any, shall be forward to the accused member together with a letter to the company notifying the member that a preliminary investigation of a specified possible violation be initiated.

This Code of Ethics may be amended by vote of two thirds of the Executive Body.