The head office of the Association will be situated at Delhi at 541, Pocket 4, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075

The main objectives of the Association are –

  • To work for the availability of various facilities and conveniences to the members of Association in the Direct Selling industry.
  • To look after the overall welfare of the members of the Association and to make their representation.
  • To improve and defend the cause, interest, privileges, rights, , duties and prestige of the Association as well as the member Direct Selling Distributors.
  • To create harmony, to promote unity, to develop the sense of mutual co-operation and brotherhood amongst the members of Association.
  • To cooperate with other societies, institutions and organizations, national or international, in the pursuit of all or any of the above objects.
  • To constitute or to cause to be constituted regional offices at convenient centers in India to promote the activities of the Association.
  • To do all such things and to perform all such acts as may be necessary or proper for the achievement of any or all of the above objects.
  • To take action for the prevention and eradication of any abuse to Direct Selling Industry and to the members of Association.
  • To work towards regulating the Direct Selling industry by all legal means so that the opportunities provided to the general public are not misused or misrepresented.
  • To take part in the Federation of Direct Selling Association activities connected therewith and to work for their promotion.
  • To work for the arrangement of seminars, symposia, conferences on issues and subjects of interest of Direct Selling profession and to disseminate information on its behalf and to interact with Direct Selling companies and Distributors wherein the topics for benefits of all concerned could be discussed and common strategies could be chalked out. Also to invite and organize meeting to interact with counter parts in other countries so that the members of Association know the latest trend in global market.
  • To educate the general public aware enabling them to understand the Direct Selling concept and to promote the industry amongst the citizens of India.
  • To work for developing Direct Selling Industry in India as an organized sector and to coordinate with various government agencies for welfare of the industry and members of Association.
  • To raise money and funds in such manner as may be deemed fit for and on behalf of the Association for the benefit of its members and when considered necessary and to accept the management of any trust fund or endowment in which the Association may be interested.
  • To create Grievance Redressel Mechanisms (GRM) for the members of Association by way of Arbitrating any dispute between the Direct Selling Distributors and Direct Selling Companies in a just and fair manner for the members of the association.